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Welcome! My name is Stan Hebben and I am freelance web and application developer.

During the more than two years I have been working in this sector, I helped businesses to develop a wide variety of applications, ranging from simple websites for small businesses, developing medium-sized projects lasting several months, android apps, up to cooperation with other companies to develop advanced web-based applications.

The internet and smartphones are especially booming. Both web and smartphone technology allows businesses to reach many people and deploy applications at minimum cost. A large number of websites and applications are being created for this relatively new field. As such, I have had many requests in this area and have become acquainted with technologies such as android, html, php, css, javascript, java and many other technologies.

As freelance developer I am able to optimally service clients for their small to medium projects at an affordable cost. Since I am a single developer, there is little overhead to business: the client communicates with me directly. Projects can be started - and finished - very quickly. I can be clear about my timing and guarantee that what I'm working on is just that project. Urgent projects can be finished in a short time as well. And when the project is finished, so is your bill - there is no maintenance cost unless you need me again.

The remainder of the site aims to introduce to you the technologies I have experience with as well as some examples of projects I have been working on.

If you need help with your project, I invite you to contact me using the contact form.